Return of the Dawgs

Dammit, here it is Monday again.

This morning I was an hour late to work because I could not MOVE MY NECK. How lame is that? And I actually called in and left the voicemail, "I'm sorry, I will be a little late because I cannot move my NECK. I have taken some Advil and I am applying heat. I will come in when I can move my neck. Thank you."

I felt so stupid and uncool. And also about 75 years old.

I knocked my alarm clock onto the floor this morning when it began buzzing. I tried to reach it to hit the snooze button, and when I tried to hoist myself back into our somewhat-high bed, something went horribly wrong. Uncool.

Anyway, my neck is movable now, just a little bit stiff.


This weekend was fun. We didn't do much of anything, which was great. We had to take a quick trip up to Kentucky for my cousin's birthday/going-away party. He'll be in Korea for six months, then Japan for another six months, doing a college exchange. Pretty awesome. I got him a journal, which I think is what two other people gave him. He'd better get to writing.

We also met up with Stephanie and Brandon for cheeseburgers at Rotier's and to see Monster. I highly recommend it. It was one of the most powerful movies I've seen in a long time. However, I'm not going to recommend it as a date movie because it's quite difficult, and as my husband said, "will make you not want to have sex. At all."

But the highlight, the true pinnacle of my weekend, was on Friday night, when Jennifer and Nicole presented me with some pictures. Does anyone remember the lovely drunken couple from the pub? No? Dude, go back and read that. Because, I have pictures of them now!

Keep in mind that you don't want to just go around snapping pictures of random, insanely drunk people. So my friend Nicole pretended she was taking pictures of me, and she got them in the background. Therefore, I ask that you do not look at me in these pictures. Just peek over my shoulder.

Okay, here is when the fair couple were just being amorous with one another, saying things about his nether regions. She appears to be in happy agreement with whatever he's saying:

And this one shows them sharing an intimate moment:

And finally, the lovely lady has passed out on her knight in shining armor's gut:

And I guess that's all.

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