Target and Omelettes

Ah, sweet, sweet Friday. Do you know what's better than Friday? A Friday where you get to leave at NOON. Yee-haw. Of course, I only get to have a half-day because I worked on Sunday (um, and Saturday, and the week before that, and hot damn am I sick of work right now). But no matter. Noon. T-minus 2 hours and 15 minutes and counting.

I don't have plans for this weekend, beyond leaving at noon and reveling in my not-being-at-work on a weekday afternoon giddiness. I might go look at furniture I can't afford. That's always fun.

Also, though Seth and I are not big into exchanging Valentine's gifts (except for that time when he proposed on Valentine's Day, which is kind of hard to top, so why try?), there is a tiny little something I need to pick up for him this afternoon. Which means I have an excuse to go to Target. Which means I could very well be too poor by the time I leave the store to do anything else this weekend.

I know it's all consumerist of me to love Target and all, but damn. Y'all, I love it. I really do, with all my heart and soul. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it right now. I have a permanent wish list running on their website, just so I can pull it up while I'm at work and sigh longingly at it. I know, it's sad.

Anyway, besides my far-too-anticipated Target trip, what else am I doing this weekend?

-Tonight will probably be our neighborhood bar crawl. I seriously love our new neighborhood. Not only because we have lots of really cool restaurants and bars within a mile of our house, but that's a big reason. When it gets warm (if it ever gets warm here again), we can stumble home on foot.

-Tomorrow, I would like to have brunch. I'm way past due for a brunch, and I've heard about a good one at a hotel on West End. Omelette station and Belgian waffles, here I come.

-Other than that, I don't have any plans. I'm going to be lazy, and no one can stop me. Beer, eggs and waffles. I'm not planning beyond that. Think of me what you will.

emiloo at 9:41 a.m.