Beers, Boobs, and Opioids. The usual.

Tuesday. There is not much of note about Tuesday, except that it is Pilates night, the husband's foosball night, and the night that I always get angry because I forget to watch America's Next Top Model. I really need TiVo. NEED.

Last night the lovely mayapple was in town for bi'ness, and Seth and I met up with her and her funny coworker Michael for drinkies. That's two nights in a row of multiple beers. Go, me. Party animal. And both nights, I was subjected to Janet Jackson's renegade boob (I got to see it live on Sunday, pixelated replays last night). Warning: don't click on that if you're at work and don't want a big 'ol close-up of a pierced Jackson boob on your screen.

Last week, in my sinusy coughing haze, I went to the doctor. Well, the nurse practitioner. Whatever. The room full of sick people with the hard metal bed in back. I hate going to the doctor, mostly because I just hate the damned hassle of it. The appointment-making, the waiting, the paperwork, the waiting, blah.

Also, I feel like, more often than not, they just throw a baggie of drugs at me and send me on my way. I went to the dermatologist a while back with some sort of weird red flakiness around my mouth, and she gave me an antibiotic. She also said I would probably have to take this antibiotic on and off long-term. Can't you just tell me what I'm doing wrong that's making the red flakiness appear, and I'll stop doing it? Apparently not. (Incidentally, it went away when I cut back on the dairy. Not that anyone cares.)

Anyway, the random, too-strong drug that this particular NP chose to throw at me was cough syrup with hydrocodone.. Lord. If you clicked on that link, did you notice the part about not mixing opioids with antihistamines? Can you even guess what other drug the NP prescribed? Ten points if you guessed antihistamines. Hello, crazy drug-addled day for Emiloo.

The syrup did give me some lovely, wonderful sleep. I took two teaspoons of it and passed the hell out. Awesome. However, I took almost half a teaspoon before work the next day and spent the next eight hours staring at my computer with glassy-eyed, confused wonder. (Ooh, pretty colors!) I'm surprised I didn't get fired.

My cough is pretty much gone, but I still have almost a whole bottle of this at home. I can't decide whether to keep it around or give it to my very experimental friend Jason. Good times.

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