Talking to Myself

Hey there, itís time for my semi-annual diary update. Iím not even going to try to mention writing more often; I donít want to lie to my millions of readers. You deserve more.

So. How about a quick update? After all that damned work, my mother finally sold her house, closing on April 25. I won't lie--that's the hardest thing I've been through. Not just the endless hours, weeks, months of work to get the house ready, and leaving the house I grew up in--hell, the house I was married at, but mostly watching my mother go through that, working so hard to sell a house that she never wanted to leave in the first place.

Since that time, sheís lived with Seth and me. And our two dogs. And her dog, and her cat. In our teensy house, with one bathroom. So you can imagine how fun thatís been. Actually, it hasnít been so bad; itís mostly the animals that make it seem crowded.

Mom finally found a house she wanted to buy (that someone didnít snatch up from underneath her with a crazy offer and no contingencies) a few weeks ago, and sheís all set to close on the 29th of this month, praise the baby Jesus. Not that I want her out or anything (uh, not that Iím begging her to stay longer, either). I just want her happy. Or something.

Seriously, though, it is nice to see her so excited about the new place. I expect weíll have several weeksí worth of painting and minor things to do before she actually moves in.


Last night, Seth and I went with some friends to see Kathy Griffin, who is one funny lady. I havenít laughed that hard in a long time. Seriously, my cheeks were hurting by the end of the night. She is my newest pretend best friend (since I donít hear from Tina Fey much anymore. WhatEVER, Tina).

My plans for the next four days include getting a pedicure (this will be my third pedicure ever) and fidgeting like a spastic four year-old while I count down the minutes until Friday around 11:40, when I will pick up my friend Melissa from the airport and drive to Knoxville for CAMP. Camp! You might remember that I went to camp last year? With the lovely Amblus? We like to call it Internet Dork Camp, but we could also call it Drunken Whores on a Boat or something equally charming. Basically, itís 9 of us long-time internet friends hanging out for a long weekend at a lake house. Also, booze. Itís a weekend I very much need right now. Iím not sure what Seth will be doing while Iím gone, since Iím leaving him at home with my mom for the weekend. Perhaps they can watch some Lifetime movies together and mulch around my flowerbeds?


Didnít you always kind of know John Mayer was an asshole? I mean, that ďDaughtersĒ song is just plain creepy.

emiloo at 2:14 p.m.