Campity Camp Camp

Look at me, two days in one week! Two days in the same year, for that matter.

Iím still in hyper-fidgety child mode, waiting for my camp weekend. Iím making an obnoxiously detailed spreadsheet about what to pack, and I just wasted 10 minutes on the OPI website looking at nail polish. Ah, the workday. She is good for something after all.

Weíve been short-staffed at the olí lieberry lately, and as a result, Iíve ventured out of the confines of my workroom to help at the Young Adult desk. Most of the time, itís not so bad, but sometimes these kids chap my ass. Talk about whiners. All they want to do is screw around on the computer all day, and God forbid the mouse is kind of sticking, or the computer is a little bit slow to play their Chingy videos or whatever shit they happen to be watching. Oh, Iím sorry! The video quality of that woman shaking her ass on the monitor is sub-par? I do apologize. Perhaps you should GO OUTSIDE in the effing SUNSHINE and quit wasting your summer watching crap-ass videos and chatting with 57 year-old men on myspace? Also, if I might add, this may be the time in your life when you need to learn about antiperspirant. Good God.

See, you never knew how exciting a library could be.

My pedicure last night was great, once I convinced the lady that I was sure I didnít want glitter, nor did I need her to hand-paint a daisy on my big toe. Thanks for the offer, though.

I am still in camp countdown mode, and so I give you another flashback from last year.

Lounging on the boat with Melissa:

Freaking out about a spider at the boat-dock restaurant. This was after much under-the-table wine was consumed:

Whee, I canít wait! Drinking and fried food and boating and swimming and drinking! Just two more days.

emiloo at 11:20 a.m.