You can't say those shoes aren't ugly

Well, the rock show last night was a good time. Seth's band sounded great, and everyone was in fun mode. Both of my sisters made it and enjoyed it, although Laura disappointed me by wearing pink Uggs. Gah. "Everyone says they're cute; they must be cute!" Also, she wore them with a denim skirt and a black shirt. I don't understand. It looked like she was wearing snow-boot-house-shoes. I must be officially getting old. VH1 announced that Uggs were officially over when Marlon Brando wore them home from the hospital, so I must not be too oblivious to fashion.

Anyhoo, the show. Right. At just about every Husband's Band show, there is a guy, Mike, who loves to come and dance his ass off. Just dance. Like make sweet love to the music, with all his heart and soul. And that's fine. It's cool to have one crazy fan guy, right. My sister, Laura (the one of questionable footwear taste), nudged me, pointed to Mike and said, "Aww. Look at him," with a distinct tone that implied that she was pretty sure Mike was some variety of Special Needs. I should mention that Mike is an architect. (I should maybe also mention that Mike was drunk.) After I had assured her that Mike is a perfectly respectable and no-special-needs-I'm-aware-of citizen, he sort of invalidated that by walking past a few of us and calling us out, individually, as "Sorry Asses" for not dancing. Good times.

The other big event of the night was that many of us banded together in solidarity to get Brian, the lead singer, to reconsider his choice of jeans. Brian will try to rock the Band Singer look, with his denim jacket and sassy hair, but then he goes and screws it all up with these jeans that scream out "1994 RELAXED DAD-FIT LONG-DISCONTINUED SLIGHTLY TAPERED (but not in a cool, retro, 80s-Strokes kind of tapered) AT THE ANKLES!!!!!1" Which, I'm sure you all know, totally cancels out any cool points earned by the sassy hair and denim jacket. Seth finally got him to borrow a pair of straight-leg jeans, and I think we've won him over. Yay! Welcome to the nineties, Brian!

Also, some friends of Brian's sometime date girl asked my husband and the drummer, Justin, "You guys are both married, right? Do you think your wives would mind if you went out dancing with us for like, an hour?" What? The truth is, if my husband told me he'd been out dancing with some other girl, my first reaction would be to call him a LIAR, my second reaction would be to laugh at him, and my third would be to ask if anyone took pictures of this "dancing." We ain't quite dancin' folks, I assure you. (Justin and Seth politely declined. I just have to wonder what made those girls think, "Those boys look like some good dancers!")

So, that is really all I have to report, and I know it's not much, but I'm working on a Saturday, for the love of Pete, and what else am I going to do? Did I mention that it's almost 70 degrees here today? And it only got up to 45 degrees yesterday? And that every time we have one of these freakishly beautiful weekends, I'm stuck showing people how to use print cards and signing out the bathroom key? Fabulous!

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