God, this is boring. You should probably just ignore it.

It's Friday afternoon, and I just got paid, baby. So what am I doing this weekend? Hanging crown moulding. But I'm okay with that.

My weekend plans (or, how you can tell I don't have anything to write about):


-measure for crown moulding

-go buy the crown moudling

-come home

-watch the new digital cable*


-paint. Paint rooms, paint the strips of moulding.

-Put up some decor so my house looks presentable when people start coming over.

-Uh, perhaps some more of the cable.

-I'm trying to justify a fancy dinner, but I don't know.


-Uncle comes over to hang the moulding and help me put up new light fixtures.

-Go to a lame bridal shower for some relative of Seth's I've never freaking met. God.

-Make fancy dinner for fabulous moulding-hanging uncle.

See how boring I am? But I am so looking forward to this weekend. I might also want to see Elf.


One of the librarians I work with turned 35 last week. Several of us wanted to take her to lunch, and asked her to choose a place. She finally decided upon Hooters, and eveyrone was so very droll and "my, aren't we funny" about it--the librarian ladies at Hooters!

We had to postpone ye olde Hooters trip because of a thunderstorm. We then decided to combine librarian lady's birthday with another woman's upcoming graduation from library school. Librarian lady said, "We need to do something else for her, too, though. Something bigger than Hooters." Bigger than Hooters? I was the only one who thought this was hilarious.

God, I need this weekend to hurry the hell up and get here.

*Digital cable is just $19.95 a month for the first three months right now. After those three months are up, we will march our asses back to the cable place and cancel the service (before it becomes $85 a month). Classy, no?

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