Uh, like, you know?

Ah. The crown molding is in full effect now. I will post pictures (since my house-buying buddy amblus did) very soon. I promise. I'm putting up all the Christmas hoo-ha on Friday and Saturday, and everything will have to be clean for Saturday's shin-dig, so I figure that's the best time to take pictures.


So, it's all of a sudden freaking cold as hell here. I know, I know, you're saying, "Um, Emiloo, it's November. It's actually almost December. It's supposed to be cold." And that's all well and good, except that on Sunday? It was seventy-two freaking degrees. We had all the doors and windows open until 8:00 at night. Right now? Forty degrees.

I actually like the cold weather, especially right now, because it makes it seem more like Thanksgiving/holiday time. I also like to wear coats and scarves and cowl-neck sweaters, and to burn the fake log-thing in the fireplace, and make cider and all that crap. I just need a little more warning and prep-time than one day = 72 degrees and the very next damned day = 40.

I know, I know, some of you might also be saying, "Forty degrees isn't really that cold." Well, first of all, fuck you; it IS cold. That's why your fridge doesn't even let its temperature get that low--it's too cold.

Second, I'm so tired of all these damned yankee transplants who live here telling me what's cold and what's not. Go to hell. It snows here and all that crap. Just because we don't get six feet of snow for five months out of every year doesn't mean we can't discern what cold is.

My husband and I were talking about these people, the ones who feel the need to tell us that we don't understand cold weather. I remarked that I was cold, and he said, "This is the kind of weather (forty degree-weather) that gets all those people from Michigan saying, 'Oh, we wear shorts out when the weather's like this'."

Me: "Yah, we have picnics and take our shirts off and run through the ice shards coming out of people's lawn sprinklers."

Seth: "We put scoops of ice cream in between our ass cheeks just to cool off."

Me: "WHAT?"

Seth: "Never mind."


Last night, we watched the finale of The Next Joe Millionaire. What a waste of two hours of my life. It's safe to say that David/Joe Millionaire/Woody Harrelson-Chris O'Donnell-guy won't be doing any speaking engagements soon. What a dolt. "Uh, like, I didn't like, um, choose you, Cat?" Well said, sir.

After that was over, we flipped over to Average Joe, in which some guy with greasy hair (but very nice abs) was telling the girl, Melina, that he liked "God. And animals. That's what I like, you know?" Very good.

Just one more day of work , and I'm off for four days, baby. God bless Thanksgiving.

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