It's FOR You, and It's FOR Me

Ah, boot camp, you sadistic bitch. Man, I hate that class, but I always feel like such an athlete after I'm done. And I know I don't look any different than I did yesterday (sadly), but there's something about being sore from head to toe that at least deludes me into thinking I'm all buff.

So, the house is coming along. My uncle is cutting and installing crown molding in our living room and dining room this Sunday. I'm going to make him dinner. Sounds like a good deal to me. The house might actually look nice and grown-up for our little soiree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Kevin is going to be in town, so Seth and I are going to have people over and make them eat meatballs and fruit dip. But not together. There may also be alcohol involved, if by maybe I mean definitely.

I have a list three pages long of crap to do for the house, the holiday, and the party. The list includes everything from "PORK TENDERLOIN!" to "last day to buy tree at Michael's with coupon." My life is truly glamorous.

Really, it is glamorous. For example, tonight I will meet my mom at JC Penny's to see what kind of curtains they have on clearance. Are you jealous? After that, I'll go home and watch Michael Jackson news coverage in horrified fascination. Perhaps I will get the husband to tape "Friends" (apparently, I am hanging on 'til the bitter end).

Speaking of quality TV, I have a new teen drama in my viewing schedule. One Tree Hill is currently filling my 90210 void. Teen! Drama! They even have a squinty-eyed misunderstood guy and a conniving Valerie-esque girl who kind of makes you feel bad for her. Freaking awesome.

Let's all watch this together. It's still early enough in the show that you can hop on the bandwagon and know what's going on. We've already had some very Brandon-euphoria action with Nathan's amphetamines and Peyton's roofie-spiked drink. Just watch it once, for me. Let me know what you think. Then, we can talk about all the ways it's like 90210. (Apparently, it's like Dawson's Creek, too, but I never watched that. Mainly because it was once on at the same time as 90210.)

So, to recap: PORK TENDERLOIN! Ow, I'm buff; and finally, angsty teen drama rocks.

emiloo at 12:09 p.m.