Call Me Grace

Bah. Again, I am faced with the question--do I write about random boring stuff, or do I wait for something diary-worthy to happen?

I am bored and stuck at my desk, so we'll give option #1 a shot.

I fell off my front porch this morning. Just plain fell off of it, face first. The heel of my boot sort of stayed on the first step while the rest of my foot was trying to step down to the bottom step. I like how the 85 year-old woman who sold us the house had no problem climbing the steps to the attic and basement, but my clumsy 25 year-old ass can't make it down the two steps on our front porch. Lovely. Also, the knee of my sassy nude fishnets is just a bit dirty and blood-stained. Cute, eh?

Last night, I went to aerobics. I had convinced Seth to join Brandon and me. We got there, and surprise! No aerobics, but boot camp. Boot. Camp. Ack. Add to my bloody, stumpy knee some twitchy sore muscles in places that really shouldn't twitch. Good morning.


So, this weekend, I finally get a whole weekend off! No work! Sweet, right? I can finally do some more painting on the house and unpacking, right? No! Seth's old roommate from college, Patrick, is coming into town. He also showed up on my birthday weekend, and again on the weekend we moved in. Great timing, right? No.

Anyway, I would be less grumbly if his special visits with us didn't always coincide with some wedding he has to attend in Nashville. We are basically just his bitches whenever he needs lodging for a wedding. And this time he's bringing some girl with him. I think it's the girl's mother who's getting married? And she's staying with us? Wha? Are we having the reception at our house, as well?


I lost my check card and my driver's license two weeks ago. They're both somewhere in my house, I'm sure, but I can't find them anywhere. I've put off replacing them because I knew that I would find them as soon as the replacements arrived.

My current favorite thing to do is complain about wanting my check card and my license while saying "I want my LIFE BACK" very dramatically. I caved today and ordered a new check card, and I'm going to get my new license tomorrow during lunch. Inevitably, I'll probably find the ones I lost this weeknend. God, that's boring. Big gold stars all around if you read that last paragraph.


Let's just wrap this thing up with a list of things my husband wants to do this weekend, and put ourselves out of this boring misery.

1. Make chili. Here is what he says: "I was just thinking that we should make some chili. It's good chili weather now, and I'd like to know how to make it because I never have. Maybe we could stop by Hill's (grocery store) on the way home tomorrow and cook some up. And maybe we could have some spaghetti noodles on the side." He has been putting a lot of thought into this chili-making, so the least I can do is indulge him.

2. Go to a rodeo. This will not be happening. Sorry.

3. Buy Al Franken tickets (for me! And also him! Al! Franken!) and Josh Grobin tickets (for his grandfather! And my mother! But not me! No thank you!)

4. Watch Love, Actually. Well, okay, this is something I want to do, but that Seth has agreed to. British people are number one.

Good times. Happy Thursday, everybody.

emiloo at 12:13 p.m.