Boring Homeowner Update, plus Jealousy

So, after several days of hand wringing and general nausea, we closed on our house yesterday at 3:30. Finally. Things didn't go as planned last Friday, but whatever. The house is ours now. Word to your mother and all that.

We had planned to go out for a nice dinner at one of our favorite places (birthday gift certificate, woo!) to celebrate. My husband usually plays foosball on Tuesday nights (yeah, I know), but he was willing to forego that for our dinner. I told him he could play foosball, though, if I could go buy a crow-bar and pry up some carpets! Carpet-pulling! All night long, baby!

I just had to see what kind of condition our floors were in, under all that apple-green shaggy madness. They look pretty damned good under there, I must say.

Tonight I paint the dining room. Red. Yeow!

Oh, and to be filed under Things That Have Made Me the Most Jealous Bitch Ever: my friend Kevski saw Sark! Last night! In person! Sark! Sigh.

emiloo at 10:22 a.m.