Flowery Plastic Hamper

Ack. Three days until our closing. Good Lord almighty. The crazy mortgage people are asking for little slips of paper from three months ago! What in the hell. "This deposit in August seems larger than your normal payroll deposit. Do you have a record of it?" Um, no. I don't even know where my driver's license is half the time.

So, how about another picture of the shagadelic brick! house!, just to build the excitement. Please keep in mind that you have to swear to look at the four thousand pictures I will post after the house actually looks good on the inside. It's really only fair, if you're going to look at the ugly stuff. So, here's the dining room.

Please note the swanky light fixture, and also the glimpse of the pretend kitchen, which has no cabinets (except for the two you see through the door) and NO DISHWASHER. Gah. Sadly, the plastic flowery hamper will not be ours, nor will the pile of crap in the corner. The green shag carpet is MINE, though. All mine. I think I could make an Oscar the Grouch costume out of it for Halloween.

I guess that's really all. I'm so frazzled from all the mortgage crap and the not packing (I should really start doing that, huh?) that I really haven't done anything except watch TV. But hey, there is some good TV on right now. I'm so productive.

Until tomorrow!

emiloo at 2:36 p.m.