Hello, Ladies

Ah, the unexpected joys of hunting for empty packing boxes. My husband and I have found a nearby liquor store that is a total box goldmine (boxmine?). They just stack all the empty boxes up behind the store. For anyone who wants them! Sometimes the pile is so big it might as well have a ray of light shining down upon it from heaven, with angels singing and stuff.

We were at the new place painting until really late last night, so we didn't have time to make a box run then (and I'm not really a fan of hanging out behind liquor stores late at night). So, we went this morning on the way to work.

We were trying to hurry, so we wouldn't be late, and we were throwing the empty boxes into the back of Seth's Pathfinder, and I thought I saw something in one of them. "Wait," I said to Seth, "that one's got something in it." I expected it to be an old banana or chicken leg (I don't know why; that's just what I expected).

Um, it was a bottle of Courvoisier. Haw. Click here to read about all the crazy goings-on during the shoot for the "Pass the Courvoisier" video. That crazy Busta. Also, we need to buy some snifters, no?

We are such sad, uncool people.


Painting began on the new place last night. Or rather, priming. We had to prime the dining room with grey before putting the red on. I'm a little worried that the red I chose is more slaughterhouse red than dining room red. I guess we'll see when it dries.


Did I mention that I'm having a yard sale this weekend? Apparently, I have lost my mind. I am moving, painting the house and having a yard sale all at the same time. Madness.

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