Next comes the station wagon?

Okay, I am a lazy little diarist. I never update. My husband and I have been consumed by the ass-backwards craziness that is buying a house.

So. I did mention that we were going to look at two houses last week.

The first house was a 40's ranch/cottage brick house. It's very small, and it only has one bathroom. Every inch of it is covered in vibrant, grassy, emerald-green shag carpet. The kitchen has about two cabinets. And no dishwasher.

The second house was this breathtaking Tudor with a newly finished upstairs. Two full baths, one of them brand new (with a freaking slate floor) and one of them with period tile and fixtures.

We're buying the first one. What? Or, we're about to. The second house cost way to much, and the first one mostly needs cosmetic updates. Also, house #1 backs up to a golf course. Not a fancy new golf course, mind you; it's like, the first golf course ever built in Nashville, but still. That ain't a bad view.

I would post pictures, but the only house I took pictures of was the Sexy Tudor, and why would I show you that, when I won't be living there? It would just be sad. I might post pictures of our (hopefully) soon-to-be house in all its shaggy green glory, and then post some more after we rip all the forty-year old funk-ridden carpet up (hardwood floors underneath!) and paint the walls. Or I might have a party themed around the shag carpet, and we could all drink Tang and play Twister. Who knows.

I have clearly lost my mind. I already have a five-year plan in place to update the house. The plan begins before we move in (refinish the floors) and covers everything all the way up to adding a sunporch in the back. Please keep in mind that we do not actually own this house yet. At all.

Has anyone ever played with the kitchen designer at Bob Vlla's website? It rocks. Did I just say that? I am 50 years old, all of a sudden. Also, Home Depot's site has a feature that lets you design your own kitchen or bath. Someone help me. I haven't gotten anything done at work in the last week because of these sites.

I just read amblus's entry for today, and I'm so encouraged. Yay, Adrien! Now, if the housing gods would smile upon me....

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