Brick! House!

Guess what we're doing tonight? We're going to look at TWO houses. Houses! Hot damn. Neither one of them is even on the market yet, but they're both about to be soon. How's that for in-depth house-hunting?

The first one belongs to a little old lady named Cornelia. How cute is that? I think she's taken really good care of the house, but I would expect to have to do some, um, decorative work.

The second house is a brick tudor (!) owned by a friend of our friends. She's an architect who bought this house to remodel it. She's also not ninety years old, which makes me think her house might be more appealing to me, at least initially.

What am I talking about? Seth went and "got the ball rolling" on our loan paperwork this morning, and I am a mixture of freaked out and really excited (and also a bit queasy because I'm wearing freaking PANTYHOSE and they're squishing my insides together in ways that shouldn't happen). House! HOUSE.

As I said, neither of these houses has even been listed yet. This presents the unfortunate probelm for me of not being able to obsessively look at pictures of them online all damned day. To solve this, I am bringing my digital camera with me to obnoxiously photograph both houses tonight. Is that crazy and/or annoying?

(Sidenote: I also brought my camera with me on my birthday, to capture the evening's festivites--including my pose atop the mechanical bull--but I made the mistake of putting my husband in charge of taking pictures. The result? No pictures. I will put myself in charge tonight, thank you.)

I guess that's it for today. Hopefully I'll have house pictures to bore you with tomorrow!

emiloo at 2:20 p.m.