Shagadelic, baby

Alright, guys, we're putting a contract on the house tonight! Then we have to somehow scrape up some down-payment/closing cost mon-ay. That should be interesting.

I fear I might be driving my husband crazy. I have already designed our new cabinet layout in our miniature kitchen. I have started a very long, detalied mental wishlist specifically for things for the new house. I have picked out paint colors, light fixtures, area rugs, floor tile, cabinets, cabinet hardware, ceramic tile for the countertops, curtains, whatever. I am insane.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures to upload. I took a few last night, but they were all of the interior. I haven't downloaded them to my old, Model-T hand-crank computer yet. Don't get too excited, they're basically just room after room of white walls and green deep-pile shag. Shag! So much green nappiness. I can't wait to yank that shit up.

Let me tell you a smidge about the house, just because I have no other life to speak of right now. It has three bedrooms, but they're all extremely tiny. And the closets are like miniature models of real closets. We have a lofty goal of one day knocking out a wall in between two of the bedrooms and making one big one, and perhaps putting in a grown-up closet, for people who wear clothes and shoes.

What else? Oh, we have a nice dining room with a big window. The light fixture in there right now is very light-house themed. Dining room! I'm going to paint it a nice currant red. I'm considering Ralph Lauren's "Dressage Red." Dork.

The living room has a working fireplace and two big windows. I want to paint it a soft gold color, but Seth is leaning more towards taupe. Taupe, schmaupe.

In the front yard is a huge Pin Oak tree, planted by the seller's husband over forty years ago. It's beautiful. In the back is a golf course. We know three couples who live on the street. When we left the house last night, after our second walk-through, we saw lots of people out working in their yards and walking their dogs (Dogs! Pug! I will get a pug if we ever have any money again!).

I'm such an excited dork right now. I tried to buy some graph paper on the way to work this morning, so that I could obnoxiously draw out my floor plan all damned day, but Walgreens was out of graph paper. When is anyone ever sold out of graph paper?

Anyway, we're signing our contract to buy tonight at 5:30. I promise to try to get those green shaggy pictures up soon!

emiloo at 11:17 a.m.