Even the Losers

The power is on here, which is kind of funny because our power seems to go out every time the wind blows a little too hard. I hope everyone out in Diaryland is okay and not sweating in the dark somewhere (unless it's the good kind of sweating in the dark). Hi, I'm a thirteen year-old boy.

It's Friday, folks. I am, however, working tomorrow. I am working at the little branch library near my house. After that, though, I'm going to the Tom Petty concert. Rock! I love me some Tom Petty. Does that make me un-hip? Probably. But if loving super-catchy, fairly commercial, jangly rock and roll is bad, I don't want to be right. That man can write a song. And, he's funny. Also, I will be drunk and sitting in the grass on a blanket. Sounds good to me.

My husband sort of interviewed for a new job today. I think the interview was pretty confusing and vague, even a little disappointing, but I did get to see him all dressed up in a suit and tie, which was so precious. He looked like such an adult.

Last night was the last official night of Pilates with Gretchen-who-was-certified-in-New-York. Haw, she had me demonstrate one of the exercises for the class! Pilates Superstah, that's me. I kind of screwed it up, but that's okay. Then, she had Brandon demonstrate "teasers," for everyone, and he was a total dork, doing it all perfectly.

She told us after class that we should consider taking private lessons at her other studio. Hi, private lessons are something insane like $60 an hour. We pay $20 a MONTH to go to the crappy ol' Sportsplex. No thanks.

After class, Brandon and I went to a Benetton warehouse sale in Green Hills, where I went a little bit overboard and bought two suits, a button-up shirt, and two sweaters. I couldn't stop myself? I'll be getting birthday money in a couple weeks, though, so I just kind of pre-spent that. Sort of.

This weekend will involve the aforementioned library time and Mr. Petty, as well as taking some clothes that my ass has outgrown to Plato's Closet, to try and recoup some of the money I blew at Benetton. Also, I get to take Monday off because I'm working next Saturday, too (our schedules are so effed up right now). So, farewell till Tuesday.

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