Cheese Danish Coma (another possible band name)

Stupid damned Microsoft Exploit Virus Worm Caterpiller shit! I cannot PASTE! What kind of effed up virus would take away my ability to PASTE? If you're trying to create a virus that really sticks it to the man or whatever, why would you mess with my mundane--but so necessary--PASTING? (If you say that aloud, it kind of sounds like, "Why would you mess with my pasties?", which is an equally valid question, I think.)

Anyhoo, my boss was very understanding about all of our virus problems. We've had to reboot/restart all day long, and he said, "If you can't get that done today, well, you just can't get it done." Don't ever tell me I have extra time on something. If you do that, I will immediately stop doing it, and wait until the last possible minute rolls around to begin on it again. Go-getter!

Sorry, this will be a short entry today. I have a headache, something that's becoming a little too frequent for my liking. Also, sometimes when I get these headaches, my vision gets a little wonky, and I get just a tad dizzy. My friend Brandon thinks I'm diabetic. Fabulous. I guess I'll get tested, just so I don't wonder about it, or cheese-danish myself into some sort of coma.

Happy Wednesday!

emiloo at 1:50 p.m.