I Want Some Shoes. For real.

Dude. It's Tuesday, the beginning of my marathon work-week that begins today and ends on August 29th. August 29th, you say? Isn't that Michael Jackson's birthday? Why yes, it is! It's also my birthday. I'll be 25. Officially too old to be on the Real World. That's all I can think of, in the way of the significance of being 25.

I had a fairly nice weekend. On Saturday, I worked at the little branch library near my house. It was very busy and so cute. They have one patron, a little old man, who brings them boxes of moon pies! Seriously. That went better than I expected.

Saturday night, I went to the Tom Petty concert. I love Tom no matter what, but I kind of wished he'd played more hits. He kind of lapsed into some sort of blues-inspired "Say hey, hey, hey" and "ho, ho, ho" kind of thing for about, oh, 45 minutes. I'm sorry, Tom, I don't mean to be such a sell-out, but can I please freaking hear "Even the Losers," or "Don't Do Me Like That"? (Note to amblus: he did, however, open the whole set with "American Girl," which rocked the house).

Also, the amphitheater cut off beer sales at 10 p.m. What? My husband and I even arranged for a designated driver and a place to stay. We were ready for our semi-annual getting drunk-enness, but we were cut off after just a couple beers. Boo.

Sunday was our day to drive around and look at houses. No luck. We basically need a leprechaun and bag of gold, or a magic fish that grants wishes. We have, however, developed a Plan. The Plan involves saving money. This should be rather interesting. I'll let you know how it goes.

Yesterday, I had a day off, and I cleaned and took some old clothes to Plato's Closet, where they refused most of my ratty old stuff but gave me $42.70 for the items they accepted. Not bad. I even resisted the urge to wander into the TJ Maxx right next door with my fistful of cash (which would just about cover a pair of BCBG pointy burgundy shoes at TJ Maxx, by the way). Ah, the exquisite pain of this "saving money."

Bell Buckle, Tennessee has an RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival, for the love of Pete.

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Finally, because I am a dork (see below for proof), here is a picture of me and the mayapple, from when she visited the lieberry a couple months ago:

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