No Fake Dead Bodies Today, Sorry

When you were in 5th grade, did your class ever have pizza parties? Today we had a pizza party for all of the staffers who have taught or assisted with public computer classes in the last year. Aww.

In addition to some pizza, we got personalized Hershey bars. On my little candy-bar wrapper, it says "Emily.Emily'slastname.Com." I guess that's the brand name of my candy bar? On the ingredients, it lists all kinds of dorky things like "Maximized Public Service, Windows of Information, Links to Unlimited Resources, Connections Worldwide, Surfing the Internet, E-Mailing Galore (?) and more." Aw?

It was a nice guesture, anyway. And hey, free pizza.

So. Tonight Seth and I will Hipsters About the Town, or married old dorks who are attempting to actually have a fun little date. We're having a fancy dinner, hearing an awesome singer, and going to our local little independent cinema to take in some entertainment. All in the same night! Look out. Hopefully, we will not see any nude, duct-taped men lying about. That does tend to affect one's evening, you know.

Last night, a bunch of us hung out at Niki and Stephanie's apartment pool. We played some game, we called it "baseball," but it was more like smacking a big Nashville STAR beachball with our arms ("bats") and then trying to avoid the beachball being thrown at our heads. Quite fun.

I had forgotten how much swimming (or in my case, flailing around and occasionally trying to float) tires you out. I slept so soundly, except for when Seth employed his recent sleep-habit of trying to snatch my pillow out from under my sleeping head, all magician-tablecloth style. That's not annoying at all, especially when it wakes you from the dead of sleep and SNAPS YOUR NECK BACK just a touch. Thanks, honey.

So, that's about it today. Pizza and chocolate bars aren't very exciting compared to fake dead bodies and all that, I know.

emiloo at 12:51 p.m.