In which I bore you and link to many things

Last night my husband and I went on a date. We are dorks. But really, it was very much like a date, because we had actual dinner plans and several places to go.

We went to Café 123 to have dinner and hear the incredible Mandy Barnett. That lady can SANG, y'all.

After dinner and music, we went to the Belcourt Cinema to see The Other Network. Oh sweet Jesus, that was some funny shit. It showcased four pilots that were never picked up. My favorites were Heat Vision and Jack and Robert Smigel's Saturday TV Funhouse with Prozo the Clown. Quality entertainment, folks.

Tonight, since we had such a big night on the town last night, we'll probably stay home and barbecue some ribs. I know, I know--calm down. You want in on the party action. But we only have enough ribs for two. Meat with bones in it and sauce all over it! Jealous? It will be a special evening indeed.

Tomorrow, Dave Attell is at Zanies, and I kind of want to go, but it's so freaking expensive to see comedians. Two drink minimums and ticket surcharges and cheese sticks and all that adds up to about $487.

Tomorrow night, Seth's band is playing at a party for a big law firm. If I go, it will just be to partake of the swanky hors d'ouvres and bar. If I don't go, it's because the party is outside and it is hot as balls in Nashville in July. I can be hot standing outside my own house and not have to get dressed up.

So, as you can see, life is just one big exciting whirwind right now. Stealing mini-quiche from people who are paying my husband and putting ribs on the grill.

emiloo at 2:01 p.m.