Ahem. Never Mind.

Well, color me stupid. Please, tell me, what would you think if you saw a naked man, bound with duct tape, lying very still on the side of the road? Not moving? And police all around, who later (when your husband happened to drive by, perhaps) covered said naked man with a TARP? Hmm? Well, if you thought he was a DEAD BODY, then you'd be wrong!

Thanks to luxolive and madamepierce for their concern. And also, never mind.

AND, I might as well ask, when thwarting a robbery, is it really necessary to strip someone naked and leave them on the side of the road? Really? I do not think I will be visiting this friendly neighborhood Dollar General Store. I would not want to risk angering the employees.

Thank you and goodnight.

emiloo at 2:18 p.m.