No Funny for Today

Well, there's really no pleasant way to say this. I saw a dead body this morning on the way to work. Right by the side of the damn road. Police were already there, but they weren't shielding the body from the view of the thousands of drivers that commute along that road to downtown Nashville. The body belonged to a very thin black man. He was naked, and his ankles and wrists were duct-taped and bound. And he was just lying in the parking lot of a Dollar General store, just a few (I mean three or four) feet from my car in the right lane of what is usually a safe and boring stretch of road.

I haven't seen anything about him on any of the local news websites. I would think that a naked body found in a parking lot would grab some headlines, but nothing yet. That poor man.


In other, far less serious, news, every library staff member is about to be required to work one day of overtime every four weeks. They're all bitching and moaning as if it's the end of the fucking world.

I mean, I understand no one wants to work more than they already do, but things could be worse. I don't want to throw the naked dead guy in everyone's faces or anything (figuratively; you know what I mean, right?), but please quit bitching to me about shit that doesn't matter. Oops. I don't want to become the girl who responds to everything with "I saw a dead man in a parking lot" to one-up everyone's bad day or to try to show them things could be worse. "Well, you could always be dead in a parking lot." But you know what I mean.

Since I'm the schedule-girl, they're already bitching to me about this overtime fiasco. Hi, I have no power. None. You might as well open the window and direct your bitching at that crazy man with the walking stick who's singing to himself on the corner, because he can do about as much as I can about administrative decisions. Really. Thanks for sharing, though.

Well, sorry today's entry is kind of a downer. And if, by chance, anyone hears anything about that poor man found in front of the Dollar General on North Dickerson Road, please let me know.

emiloo at 12:31 p.m.