You forgot to tell part of secret!

An update to my earlier entry.

From Seth:

I liked the diary entry today, except that I probably would have mentioned the "Messiah of the Century Legend!" caption on the Fail to Learn the Secret game, and also the guy at the yard sale from up the street who was drinking a bottle of Busch at 9:30 in the morning. At somebody's yard sale.

And I also forgot to describe the decor of the Dance Beat Arcade. The DBA, as the kids call it (?), used to be a hunting and sporting goods store. A really huge one, kind of like a Bass Pro Shop. When the DBA took over, they half-assedly painted little animé kids on the walls and they put in, like, one strobe light. They left the bright-as-day flourescent lights, but more importantly, they left some of the hunting decor.

There's a big antler-chandelier thing in the middle of the room. Along the walls, just above the murals of squatting and kicking animé teens, there is a wallpaper border of ducks and hunting dogs. There are bistro tables and chairs near the pool tables and air hockey, and on the backs of those chairs were embroidered hound-dogs, mallards, hunting cabins and for some reason, a pirate ship. I don't know.

I must also describe to you the little strip mall that the DBA is located in. From left to right, we'll review the tenants. First, there's what's left of the down-sized sporting goods store. The sign shows the name of the store, but in bigger letters, it reads "INDOOR PISTOL RANGE!" Next door, there's the Dance Beat Arcade. To the right, a tanning salon and beauty salon. There's also a florist and a paintball supply store. Between the paintball supply and the florist is an attorney's office. The hell? What kind of attorney has his office between the Dance Beat Arcade and the paintball store, just up the road from the indoor pistol range?

Enough. I don't want to make you too jealous.

emiloo at 1:08 p.m.