Disco Monkey

For Amblus:

God, Graceland is the best. So gaudy! Everyone should go if given the chance.


My sister left for New York today. Did I mention she's staying at the freaking Plaza Hotel?! What the hell is fair about that? Anyway, I hope she has a kick-ass time. I let her borrow my two favorite fancy dresses for dinner. She'd better bring me back something cool.

I asked her if she was going to try to get on the Today show. She didn't seem to think that would be much fun, but somehow, trying to get on TRL would be? Whatever. Also, she's visiting H&M. No, I'm not bitter. Nor am I bitter about the fact that in a couple of days, she'll be departing New York for freaking Bermuda. Sigh.


I am wearing a freaking COAT in my office right now because it's about 58 degrees in here. How can I type if my hands are stiff and purple?


I don't have much today (except for the creepy Graceland coffee-table monkey). Just counting the minutes until I can get the hell out of town.

emiloo at 2:41 p.m.