P-Push It Real Good

Ah, the longest days at work are the ones before you leave for vacation, even if it is just a mini-vacation. Two o'clock, baby, and I'm out of here. No work, no crazy-assed family, no laundry to do. Word.

Hee. Someone came upon my diary by googling "shannen doherty crooked eyes." That rocks so much I can't even say.


I just got back from working a two hour shift promoting the library at the Southern Women's Show. It was just as bad as it sounds. For the first hour, the entertainment consisted of a Miss Tennessee Senior Citizen (aw!) singing show tunes and patriotic songs in a very high, warbly vibrato. She sounded very much like Miss Piggy, and I mean that in the most complementary way possible. She was really cute. I kept worrying that she wasn't getting enough love from the crowd, so I clapped a LOT.

To the right of the library's booth was a guy selling magic markers for twenty freaking dollars a set. Really. The women who were there were dressed for... business? swag? something, with fanny packs and big tote bags on wheels. The bags were to collect all the free samples of crap that exhibitors were giving out. Crap, indeed. I was handed a small bottle of Feminine Deodorant Spray (why, thanks!) and a packet of tanning accelerator. Wow. Were they trying to tell me something?

I left just as Frank Bielec from Trading Spaces came onstage. I wanted to stay, but the crowd was getting a little hostile, and women were elbowing each other out of the way for tiny slivers of fudge and pretzel sticks dipped in random sauces and dips. Madness.


Now I'm just waiting for 2:00 to get here so I can get the hell out of town (did I mention I'm going to Savannah?) for the weekend. I was supposed to have lunch with Justin and Kirsten {whose wedding I drunkenly did the "Push It" dance at, by the way. I would like to add that (1)I was not alone in Pushing It--there were five or six other drunk girls with me, (2)if you want your wedding to be a dignified affair, do not hire a DJ who thinks "Push It" is an appropriate wedding reception song,(3)yes, the part that involves the semi-backbend, and (4)I'm really not an asshole}, but they canceled. So, it's thumb twiddling and desk straightening for the next hour and a half.

Until Monday!

emiloo at 4:02 p.m.