Midnight in the Garden of Bitterness and Laziness

Big Birthday Ups to Mayapple, whose birthday was yesterday, but I forgot it because I suck like that.


I've been quite excited about our upcoming weekend getaway to Savannah. Even though I found out my youngest sister is going to New York and then Bermuda over the next couple weeks (a friend's family is paying for it, which really makes me want to be friends with this girl, too. I am a nice person and a good friend; give me chance! I will make you cakes shaped like various cute things?). She leaves tomorrow. Whatever. Also, she wants to borrow the dress I was going to wear for our fancy dinner on Saturday night. I'll probably let her, I'm just so glad to get the hell out of town. I wonder if she's going to try to get on the Today show. Probably not, because I would do that, and no one is as dorky as I am.

I sent Seth a little proposed itinerary for our weekend because (a)I am a nerd like that, and (b)I am so bored at work that I've been making lists of all sorts: packing lists, grocery lists, lists of things to sell on eBay; lists of things to search for on eBay. Bored. Anyway, the list was basically eating, eating, drinking, eating, peppered with some beach time and sightseeing. The eating is good in ye olde Savannah, what can I say? Also on the itinerary: some music, some drag queens, perhaps a tour of Flannery O'Connor's childhood home.

I bought some rechargeable batteries for my little digital camera, so hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures to post on here. I know, the excitement must be killing you.


Update on the precious little house I posted about a few entries back: we went to see it. It was indeed cute; however its cuteness did not outweigh the fact that everything around it looked like ass. And not the kind of ass that can be restored or cutesy-fied. Just plain old ass. Oh well. We'll find a place eventually. It's just as well, since husband and I are possibly looking for new jobs. Possibly. We know how hard that can be in this crapassed economy.


Um, why am I so excited about the next two weeks of American Idol? And why do I have a genuine dilemma over whether I want Ruben or Kimberly to win? Someone please give me something else to occupy my time.


Here's another house, but in a different area of town. Hey, we'll need more space if we're going to have three dogs.

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