Balls, moms, and sloth.

Seth and I had a busy weekend, but it was quite nice, overall. On Friday night, we had planned to see a movie, but instead we opted to stay home and watch the DVD of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It was okay, but the book was so good that the movie would've had to kick major ass not to disappoint me. We watched it because we're going to Savannah, and the book and movie are set there. We're dorks. But, Savannah! Seafood and ghost stories and Spanish moss and live oaks!

Saturday we woke up much too early to get to my sister's graduation. We secured our parking spot, walked to a pastry shop for some breakfast, then headed over to her university to find a seat. We sat in the sun (which annoyingly made only the left side of my body very HOT--we had to put the graduation programs over our left feet because they were BURNING INSIDE OUR SHOES) for a bit, and finally the ceremony began.

The commencement speaker was--surprise--boring! But one of the speaker's themes did capture our attention. At one point, he was saying something about how life is comprised of balls. Balls! My husband and I began to snicker, doing that thing where you shake silently and try to stifle your giggles? Hi, we're twelve. Anyway, balls. The balls are: your family, your health, your job, your spirit, and something else. I forget.

"You'll find," the speaker explained, as my husband and I elbowed each other and snorted, "that of these balls, the 'work' ball is a rubber ball--if you drop it, it will bounce back." Okay?

"But the other balls (hee!) are more fragile." Fragile balls? Dude.

"If you drop them, they can crack, even shatter, beyond repair." What in the freaking hell? How can anyone talk about fragile shattered balls, in all seriousness? I know I am juvenile and goofy, but come on. At this point, Seth and I began whispering things like, "Hold tightly to your balls." "But be gentle!" "Do not neglect your balls." And you can see how that went.

After the ceremony, Seth and I went to his office to wait around for some guy who was supposed to do some carpentry work on the new space. He never showed. After Seth tracked him down on his cell phone, the guy tells us he thinks he'll come on Monday instead. Um, thanks for letting us know, because we love spending a beautiful sunny Saturday in a warehouse! But, Seth was excited because that meant he could have his first real day off in three weeks. We went shopping for him and spent some of his birthday money.

Sunday, I had my little brunch, and it was quite nice. Later, we had dinner with Seth's family and found out his mom had been upset that we hadn't come to church that morning. Um, we never go to church? Why would we go that day? No matter. She liked the gift we gave her, so that was good.

Last night was the long-awaited 90210 reunion. It didn't knock my socks off, but if it had been three hours long instead of one, I would still have watched every minute of it. I loved all the bad hair and fashion clips. Brenda's frizzy orange wig? Awesome. Other thoughts: Luke Perry--ham and camera hog; Shannen Doherty--freaky, grey capped teeth to go with her freaky crooked eyes.

I am tired, but today I'm going back to the gym after almost a two-week absence. I've been trying to help Seth at his office in the evenings, and as a result, I'm a big flabby mess. Step class is going to kick my ass tonight.

Well, until tomorrow. Balls!

emiloo at 10:07 a.m.