Weekend of Family Crap!

Yay. A weekend full of family crap, er, festivities. Tomorrow, my sister is graduating from college. Yay! And, lucky her, she majored in something she can probably use to find a job. Good deal. Problem: after the graduation, my mom wants us all to go out to lunch or dinner. The problem comes in here: I hate my dad, I have pretty much decided to wash my hands of him, and I certainly don't want to subject my husband to him (long story, blah blah). On the other hand, I don't want to "punish" my sister on her "special day" or whatever. I guess I'll go to dinner, not sit near my dad, and be quiet. What a bunch of crap. Hi, I'm thirteen and my dad is eleven.

The next day is Mother's Day. While my dad sucks it big time, my mom is truly the coolest. I decided to have brunch for her and my sisters at my house. Mom thought this was sweet, and suggested we also invite my grandmother. Well, okay. So now, the brunch is a little bigger. Also, because I have been playing around on the Epicurious and Food Network websites, the brunch has also gotten a bit fancy and expensive. Oh well, it's for Mom. My sisters and I are also all chipping in to buy her a ring. This may seem extravagant, but my dad never buys her any sort of jewelry, and she's been admiring this ring for a while. See? Everything can be traced back to the fact that my dad is an asshole. It's like "Six Degrees of Dad's Assiness." Or something.

Anyway, brunch. I'm going to get all Junior League/Martha Stewart up on this mofo. I'm making a jalapeno quiche, ham and fontina panini sandwiches, roasted baby potatoes with fresh rosemary and garlic, baked French toast strata, and fresh fruit. Maybe mimosas? I think I may even pull out the ol' wedding china because I honestly don't know when the hell else I'll ever use it. Maybe even napkins? With napkin rings? What has come over me?

Ha, ha. Pee Ess: I do not have a dining room in the Disco Duplex, so this will either be on my patio or, um, in my kitchen. Not so fancy after all, I guess.


Other weekend plans include: going to see A Mighty Wind and possibly X2. (FYI: When looking for the website for A Mighty Wind, I mistakenly typed in this address instead. Ha? Meteor Judgment is Coming to Earth?)

What else? Tonight I have to go buy a frame for the matted print of my sister's university that she's getting as a graduation present. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm worried it's kind of a dorkassed gift. I guess we'll see. It's by a well-known local artist who does a lot of architectural prints of local landmarks. I hope she doesn't think it's stupid.


I hope (for the love of all that's holy) that your weekends are more exciting than mine. Until Monday!

UPDATE: I almost forgot! (How could you let me forget?!) The 90210 "reunion" is on Sunday night! At 8:00! My weekend has been redeemed.

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