Nashville is Made of Stars (or crappy, twangy singers)

This old house crapassed office

My mom and I painted our hearts out last night, and we still didn't finish. The front room of the new office will be a lovely color I like to call "Restoration Hardware Bag Green," but which is really Martha Stewart "Coir/G-19" from K-Mart. The bathroom, and Seth's little "office" (if by office I mean closet), will be "Pale Violet/B-11," which is not as sissified as it sounds (more blue than violet, really). I'll be back there tonight, I suppose.

That's Country

We have scored some Nashville Star tickets for the big finale this Saturday. I am totally excited because (1) that Brandy chick will probably cry, (2) I've only watched the show twice, so I have no emotional investment in who wins, (3) VIP access, which simply means free tiny sandwiches, and finally, (4) I'm going to make a big, sparkly sign. I don't know what it will say yet. It will probably have nothing to do with Nashville Star, but it needs to be something that won't get taken up by security people. Any suggestions? P.S. I am not going to wear any "country"-themed clothes, if you were wondering.

Birthday Boy

Tomorrow will be Seth's birthday, or what we will probably look back on as his Suckiest Birthday Ever. We'll both be at his office, doing random Un-Fun things. I asked him what he wanted and he said, "Jellybeans and the Llama CD." How pathetic is that? He might as well have said, "A warm blanket and a scrap of toast."

Anyway, I've got to get him something else at some point tomorrow, between his office and everything else. I've been looking at TV/VCR combos. He bought this elaborate surround-sound system with some money his grandfather gave us for Christmas. He'd been wanting the surround-sound stuff for, oh, five years. That's why it sucked when we realized my freaky TV doesn't have enough output jacks or whatever to run the surround sound. There is some magical way that the surround sound works when the DVD player is on and playing a movie, but whatever. Anyway, I figured if I bought the DVD/VCR thing, and I made sure to buy one with enough "output" jacks or whathaveyou, all of the crap could work? And Seth would be happy? Maybe.

By the way, I'm not afraid of him reading this before tomorrow because, um, due to the move, his DSL connection is down. See? Everything is crappy right now at the ol' workplace.

That's all I've got for today. I've got to get some actual work done today because I'm taking the day off tomorrow.

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