Can you handle the excitement?

Hot damn, do I get annoyed when I type up a long-ass entry and it disappears into space. Arrgh!

Oh well, the Missing Entry is par for the course in what is becoming (or really, has already become) the Longest Week Ever, and It Is Only Wednesday. Sigh.

Seth and I stayed at the office/warehouse/Den of Misery and Spiders until a little after 9:00 last night, moving boxes and pallets and shelves and spiders. Lots of creepy crawlies in the ol' warehouse. Ick. (Note to self: add "bug bombs" to list of 300 items needed for the new place.)

I am now comfortable and proficient with a pallet jack, which is something I never thought I'd say when, um, Seth and I started grad school, two and a half years ago. But, whatever, learning is good, whether it's about Foucault or forklifts, blah blah.

Tonight, guess where I'm going? That's right, the office/warehouse! I'm meeting my mom there, and we are going to paint the town! Or the bathrooms and front room. And also kill lots of bugs.


The party just doesn't stop here in Emily-land. Oh, one exciting thing did happen yesterday. I bought one of those little desktop refrigerators . I know; I'm stupid. But mine is not as nice (and it sure as hell wasn't as expensive) as the one I linked to. I got it at Walgreen's. I tend to do a lot of shopping there, simply because it's within walking distance of my office. Good thing we no longer have any department stores or malls downtown, or else I'd be one broke-ass lady (maybe the only positive side of suburban sprawl? No good lunch-hour shopping).

Anyway, the refrigerator. I justified this purchase to myself by figuring that I spend about $2 a day on coffee from the café downstairs. I don't like drinking our "free" office coffee (which we all take turns buying) because I hate powdered, oily creamer product. So I go to the café instead for their yummy coffee, half and half (I know, so bad for me), and often, a danish or croissant as well. Bad. If I keep my fat-free half and half in my precious mini-fridge (God bless Land O' Lakes, for serious), I will save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and my ass will magically shrink. See? Wise investment!

I do wish it wasn't plastic, because I would like to put my Elvis magnet on it.


In non-refrigerator news, Seth and I might go look at a house (!) this weekend. It's tiny, but it's adorable (I think so, anyway). It has hardwood floors, a clawfoot tub (!), neat windows, and it's in the funky little area of town I like. Here's a picture (I told you, it's itsy-bitsy):

The empty lot next to it is for sale at a really cheap price, too. I'll keep you posted.

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