Boring and Bored

Long time, no entry, I know. I've just been so boring lately that I haven't had anything to write about.

Further proof of my dorkiness.

Last Friday, Seth and I saw that Titanic 3-D IMAX movie that James Cameron released. It was pretty cool, I guess, mostly because it was 3-D. I would have liked to see more of the actual Titanic footage and less of the crew members/Cameron/Bill Paxton talking about themselves, but whatever. Big, nerdy 3-D goggles are cool. It was pretty funny to look at all the other people in the theater with their dorkassed goggle/visor things on, moving their heads when something "poked out" of the screen.

Saturday, we drove to Murfreesboro for my friend Shan's birthday dinner. It was cool to see all the Pink Ladies, especially Laura, who surprised us all by driving in from Atlanta! Kick ass.

In the middle of dinner w/the Pinks, my friend Stephanie calls to tell me that she and Niki have bought an old-school Nintendo! Rock! Stephanie and I probably spent a solid three years of our elementary-school lives playing Zelda and Mario Bros. 1 & 2, and we had been heavily reminiscing lately, so she and Niki were inspired to go buy a little bit of our past. They also bought Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and about 8 other games. I cannot wait to go over to thier apartment and revert to my nerdy, ten-year old Zelda playing, New Kids-loving, Little Debbie-eating self. Word.

Sunday was work-on-the-thesis time, which I needed. I'm getting back on track, but slowly. Meh.

Like Trading Spaces. But not.

My husband is in the process of moving his office. It sucks. When I say office, I really mean what amounts to three offices and an assload of warehouse space. Oh, and the place they're moving? Half of the space for the new offices is being built as I type this, and the other half is so damn nasty that I spent an hour scrubbing it yesterday, and it still looks like ass. Oh, and they need to be out of the old place by the end of the day TOMORROW. So, that's where I'll be tonight after work. Poor, poor husband. But, I get to paint and install shelving and crap like that, which is kind of fun for me because I don't have a house to do that kind of stuff in. Ha? Wah.

Also, in other husband news, Seth's birthday is Friday. I had originally planned to take the day off, and to make him take off too, but it looks like we'll be doing Office Shit all day. Joy. Poor Seth.

"Thar she blows" (hee, "blows")

We are going to Savannah in a couple weeks, though, and I am excited about that. Except the part where we go to the beach and I have to squeeze my white, squishy self into a bathing suit. I have Suit Issues. I also have Boob Issues, which are a large part of the Suit Issues, but not as large a part as my stomach, ass, and whiteness. I'm so unique, right? With my trouble spots and all?

Anyway, I thought I had finally found some cool suits at Girlshop, which sells Shoshana stuff. She makes bra-sized tops for the busty ladies. The one I liked had an $83 price tag, which is kind of steep for me, who doesn't really go to the beach/pool/outside all that much, but I resigned myself to that price, thinking that it would be worth it if it kept me all lifted, separated, and jiggle-free. Then, I realized that the $83 was just for the top. The bottoms (none of which could ever help the rest of me) were an extra fifty-something dollars. And so I will resort to my usual duck-underwater-and-put-the-boobs-back-in-place strategies.

I guess that's all. See why I haven't been updating? Blah blah shelves blah blah boobs. Exciting stuff.

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