Blah. Blah. Blah.

Well, the family life is sucking it right now, but writing about it will just make me a big weepy mess. I will just offer the advice of never allowing/encouraging your spouse to work with/for your parents. Especially if your father is a raging, self-centered, insane asshole. Maybe I'll write about that at some point, but I really don't want to now.


Okay, I went to the Nashville Star finale on Saturday. And I (and my goofy sign) got on TV. For about a second and a half.

Without explaining something that would probably not be funny to anyone but my friend Nicole in Florida, for whom my friends and I stupidly held this sign, I will tell you that my sign read, "The Gooch Family Loves Miranda." None of my friends nor I have the last name Gooch. We just like it. Okay? Okay. But Nicole, who is interning in Orlando and truly loves Nashville Star (like, wathces every episode and does not make fun of it or anything), saw the sign and was happy. And that's what matters, right?

I was such a dork because I was worried about how goofy I looked on TV, but Stephanie reminded me that the three of us and Nicole were probably the only people who saw the show.

That's about all I did this weekend because of crap with Seth's work. Crap, crap, crap. Indeed. Poor husband. I want to find a more fun job for him.

I did manage to play some of the old-school Nintendo at Stephanie and Niki's. It rocked so much. I played Zelda for a couple hours. I can't remember where I parked my car this morning, but I know which trees to burn down to find secret passages. Dork!

One other thing I managed to squeeze in over the weekend was the season finale of Alias. Well, the last half hour of it. And, what the hell? I keep obsessively checking the Television Without Pity website for a full recap, but I guess the two-hour episodes (or two one-hour episodes, whatever) take a long time to recap. The forums have some interesting theories about what "really" happened. Time machines and all that. I really hope Alias doesn't turn all Days of Our Lives on me, with time machines and demonic posession and whatnot, but I'll probably still watch it.

I guess that's all. If I can figure out how to use the scanner at work, I'll post a picture of the card Kevin sent me over the weekend. It ruled.

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