Weekend of Jam and ham, with a side of cheese

Where did my weekend go? I mean, I know I haven't actually been at work since Friday, but I didn't even get to sleep past 7:30 either day, so I don't feel like it counted. Boo.

But I did have a kick-ass time on Friday night. Seth and I met at OpryMills after work, to return some stuff and catch a movie. When I found him at Bed, Bath & Beyond, he told me that my aunt had just called and offered us Pearl Jam tickets. Rock!

I was, of course, still in my oft-lamented librarian clothes, specifically this skirt

and a red, matte-jersey twinset (agh, again with the twinsets!). Not very rock and roll, I know. So I bought a black top at Old Navy (again, not very rock and roll, but moreso than the mommy clothes), and I borrowed some jeans from my friend Sarah, whose house was on the way.

The show rocked. I felt like I was back in ol' 1994, illegally drinking beer and hopping around and whatnot. Seth was disappointed by what he referred to as the band members' "non-committal haircuts," but we both thought the music sounded great.

At one point, Eddie Vedder came out in a George W. Bush mask and a silver lamé jacket, and did some Motown-esque moves. He sang "Bushleager." A few people in the audience booed and acted like redneck tools when he gently caressed and kissed the Bush mask, but that was mostly the older, pudgy, ex-frat-boy portion of the audience.

The set was a full two hours and included guest appearances by Sleater Kinney (their opening act), Steve Earle, and Cheetah Chrome from the Dead Boys. Kick ass. Where are my baby barettes and my safety-pin-covered backpack? Dude.

Saturday was not quite so rock-and-roll. My husband was recording all day, and I drove to Murfreesboro to work on this bastard of a thesis that is falling apart, really. I dropped by the studio. Nappy Roots were there while Seth's band was recording, but I was too chicken to talk to any of them. I did see the Ford Expedition they had just bought, though. They changed all the "Expedition" logos to say "Napedition." Ha? Saturday night, I cooked a bunch of crap for the next day. See? Not so fun.

Sunday. Easter Sunday. Church. Meh. Seth's parents' church has taken some weird, cheesy, contemporary turn toward goofiness, and the service on Sunday certainly didn't make me question the fact that I never go to church anymore.

The church is huge and stadium-like. They use this cheesy Powerpoint presentation, which makes me feel like I'm at a "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" seminar or something. Yesterday's PowerPoint had all this ham-handed video of a crucifiction dramatization. Seriously. Also, some super-corny songs. Note to preacher: the "c" in "inexplicable" is a hard c, much like the c-sound in corny, campy, and hokey. Ugh.

After church was eating. Lots of ham. Lots of deviled eggs. I made the chicken-eggs from a few entries back. My mom thought they looked sort of like Elton John, "when he wears those big glasses." Hee.

I ate a lot at Seth's family's house; I ate a lot at my parents' house. I went home and did laundry while Seth went back to the studio. I went to sleep. Now I'm at work. Where did the weekend go?

emiloo at 11:10 a.m.