Of Stalking and Deviled Eggs

My husband is semi-stalking a local sports columnist. It's really quite sweet, I think.

He sent an email to our local weekly "alternative" (ha!) newspaper, complimenting the sports columnist. The guy wrote him back and mentioned that Seth should drop by this local pub where the reporter and some friends have an unofficial "Sports Desk." Seth is going tonight. I hope everyone likes him and all that. I hope he and the reporter become bestest friends. It really is precious, how excited he is.

While he's out doing that, I'll be doing Niki's makeup for her little fraternity alumni shindig tonight. I found a little black satin purse for her to carry, and I found a tiny makeup bag that fits inside the purse, because she'll need touch-ups if she's dancing her ass off all night long. Or eating salad, or whatever one does at these mysterious alumni gatherings.


Other weekend crap:

Seth's aunt and uncle are in town, which is cool. They'll be staying at his parents' house, in his little sister's room, which means I have to clean our house tonight so that his little sister can stay in our guest room. What? Other random relatives might be in and out of our place all weekend, too. Of course my house looks like hell, so it will be a long evening of cleaning at the Disco Duplex.

In addition to that, Seth's band is playing late Saturday night. Sunday I absolutely refuse to do anything. I haven't had a relaxing weekend in months.


That's about it? Exciting as always, I know.

How about a picture of some deviled-egg sculpture? Okay then!

emiloo at 11:23 a.m.