Sloth Love Chunk

I had an okay weekend. Friday kind of sucked because I sat home alone while my friends worked, went on dates, or whatever, and my husband stalked his sports-writer crush. Saturday, we did stuff with the husband's family, and I went out with friends and my little sister; then, we all went to the husband's rock show. Yesterday was laziness, dinner, and watching Unfaithful. May I just say that I had read about this movie, and I distinctly remember reading something about how Diane Lane was so brave for doing nude scenes when her body is not a typical, youthful, perky Hollywood kind of body. Excuse me? Um, yes it is. Except for all of the bruises she seemed to hang on to for the duration of the film, but those were supposed to be there. Anyway, I would kill someone (preferrably Richard Gere) to have that body. So brave, whatever.


Apparently, the cleaning staff in my building are cleaning with tear gas now? I walked into the office/cube farm this morning, and it smelled like candy mixed with poison, and now one of my eyes is watery and glowing red. Lovely. Soon it will start to swell shut and I will look like Sloth from The Goonies or Shannen Doherty.

Update: I do, in fact, now look like Sloth/Shannen. My right eye is red and watery, the skin around it is puffy, and I feel like tiny elves are stabbing it with teensy little needles.


Here is a list of things I want because (1)how fun is that and (2) I am selfish and bored.

1. KitchenAid mixer. (amazon has some crazy $99 deal on them today, but only in white, and I'm not sure if they're scaled-down models or what).

2. An armoire. I really want to get rid of the old teetery thrift store TV stand thing we're precariously balancing our TV on right now. And I don't want some plywood and black plastic "entertainment center," thank you.

3. A new headboard or whole bed. Our headboard isn't really connected to anything; it's just kind of hanging out behind our bed. And it knocks against the wall constantly. And before you think I'm sharing too much, I mean it knocks against the wall when I reach over to hit the snooze button, when I roll over in bed, and when I yawn too loudly. I'm thinking about building one of those upholstered monstrosities, Laurie-from-Trading-Spaces-style.

I guess that's it for today. I'm actually going to be quite busy at work all week, so the entries will probably short and/or crappy.

emiloo at 11:25 a.m.