Random Crap

Um, I got nothin' today. Absolutely nothing worth writing about. So, you will get random crap that pops into my head. Enjoy.


I put on some more self-tanner last night, so that I would have a chance to wash the funk-smell off in the shower this morning. It didn't wash off, I suppose. I keep catching little whiffs of it every now and then. It looks good, though. Even on my feet.


My friend Niki gets to go to some crappy fraternity alumni dinner/dance thing in town tomorrow. That's not exciting, but you know what is? I'm doing her makeup! Makeup! And Niki never wears it. Really, she doesn't need it, but I'm going to slap some on her for her evening out on the town. It will be tasteful, though, I promise. I'm a tasteful kind of gal. I wish I could get dressed up and go out on the town myself. But I would never let someone else touch my face. Hee.


Right now, I'm doing part of my job that I enjoy--I'm a "Virtual Librarian." People can enter a chat session with me through our library's website, and I will answer all kinds of crazy-assed questions for them. I'm the librarian of the future. Rrraaarrgh! Usually the questions are just crap about people's overdue fines and what time we're open and when the next puppet show is, but it's fun all the same.


Someone went to two aerobics/weight training classes in a row last night. Aw yeah. The first one was crazy hard (and very cool). The second one, for lack of a better, less offensive word, was pretty gay. I mean, it bordered on Jazzercise or something. We were all skipping forward and hopping back, and kicking our legs in the air. And the music! Lord, the music was awful. It's common at my gym for the instructors to have tracks of popular songs all cheezed out with techno beats, and with someone else singing them (usually badly impersonating the "real" singer). Last night's tape included "Slide" by the fake Goo-Goo Dolls and something ungodly by a fake Celine Dion. Ouch.


I got a few responses to my banner ad with the worm from Labyrinth. How can you not love the little British worm? "Come inside; have a spot of tea with the misses!"

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something entertaining to write about. But I probably won't, since tonight's plans are basically (1) gym, (2) hotdogs and the Insomniac DVD with the husband, and (3) sleep.

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