A Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday at work the husband sent me an email that said we would go home, cook dinner, use the elliptical trainer, and fold laundry (see, I told you, we have a Laundry Situation). We went home, made dinner, and watched TV. It was a noble thought, honey. Really.

In other news, we're going to a hockey game tonight. I like hockey games, but mostly I like the hotdogs and Dippin' Dots they sell there (truly, it is the ice cream of the future). But not the funnel cakes. Gaylord Entertainment Center has a thing or two to learn from the carnies and flea market people about how to make a proper funnel cake.


Since it's quite obvious that I have NOTHING going on worth writing about, I will now make a list of things I enjoy, in no particular order.

1. Aveeno bodywash- it's for sensitive skin, it doesn't make my arms bumpy, and it smells kind of like honey and vanilla (but not too much).

2. Board games-especially if they involve trivia. Yes, I am an obnoxious dork sometimes.

3. Coffee-lots of it. I like it strong, with cream (and sometimes a little sweetener). The Land O'Lakes Fat Free Half and Half is sent from God. I also like chocolate-covered espresso beans, coffee ice cream, tiramisu, coffee liquer, white russians, sissy coffee drinks from Starbucks, and things that smell like coffee.

4. Pub Triva-this sort of combines my love of trivia with my love of eating. And, prizes! Crappy prizes, but prizes all the same. Win some crap while you eat and play trivia. Very fun indeed. Oh, and that crap with the TV screens and the little remote-control answer things doesn't count.

5. The Food Network- I think we all saw what a dork I became in the face of Rachael Ray (who, by the way, isn't even one of my favorite Food Network personalities). I cook occasionally, but I watch Food Network much more. Then I go and spend money on expensive oils and spices that I'll never use. Seth loves this, I know.


Wasn't that fun? No? Well here are some websites that I enjoy. Probably ones that everyone has heard of because I am not very "hip" or "underground" or whatever.

Princess Melissa. Remember Melissa from the Real World New Orleans? She's funny as hell.

TWOP. For snarky recaps and commentary about my favorite TV shows.

Tomato Nation. For the love of Pete, please read her essays on 90210 reruns. "I like champagne!"

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