Monday Mornin', You Sure Look . . . ehh

Just Call Me Vern. But Not Hildi.

In a spurt of Trading Spaces-like industriousness, I bought an end table at Home Depot yesterday. However, it's really a stand for a hot water heater. It was $25, and it's quite industrial-chic, which I'm not extremely into normally. However, I have these two amazing tan leather knockoffs of Le Corbusier LC2 chairs that need a little table in between them, and the hot water heater stand is just perfect. It's so industrial, though. I might get a sheet of wood cut for the top of it just so there's not so much metal.


I watched the Oscars last night, a bit halfheartedly but still interested. I love the dresses and all that. I haven't seen The Pianist, and I was really hoping that Daniel Day Lewis would win for Best Actor, but whatever.

Other thoughts: Michael Moore made a jackass of himself, Renee Zellwegger's dress was awesome, Julia Roberts walks/swaggers like a drunken cowboy, yay for Catherine Zeta Jones (eh for her hair, though), Queen Latifah looked beautiful, I want to look like Salma Hayek (this is highly unlikely, as I am the whitest, blonde, most un-exotic gal ever), and Peter O'Toole was the coolest guy there. Whew.

Other Weekend News

We had an active little weekend, Seth and I. On Friday night, we saw Gangs of New York, which I didn't expect to like but really did. It was gory, but I knew it would be. Mostly, I was just knocked out by Daniel Day Lewis's performance.

On Saturday, Seth and I went to Franklin, to a place called The Factory. Basically, they've taken an old factory and converted it into boutiques and restaurants and an antique shop or two. I didn't buy anything except a deeply discounted book on William Morris. And a grilled cheese sandwich.

We also stopped briefly by the mall, where I tried on the dress I mentioned a few entries back, just so I could make sure I actually wanted it. Many things don't seem so appealing once I actually put them on my lumpy white body. Well, this dress is magical. It made me feel thin and tall and twirly. It will be mine.

Saturday night, we had dinner with Seth's family. It was nice, and we got to meet his grandfather's new "lady friend" (fun word, I think). She seemed alright, but I didn't really get to talk to her much. We had to leave early to go to our friend Frank's surprise birthday party at Mirror (mmm!). Seth and I walked in to the restaurant only to realize that, hello, we don't really know any of Frank's friends except for Brandon, who was bringing Frank. And we suck at meeting new people.

We then ran into some librarians I work with, which was both neat and weird. One of them (who is also one of my bosses) was a little (or a lot) drunk, and she showed Seth and me pictures of her dog with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Really. But another one, Meg, is the one who clued me in to the hot water heater stand.

Anyway, Frank finally arrived, so we went to join that group at their table, and I realized that I probably don't care to know any of his friends after all (except, of course, for Brandon. And also a guy named Brennan, who seemed normal, and my friend Joanne, whom I already knew). Just more reinforcement for my theory that I really don't need any new friends. I'm just fine with the ones I've got.

Yesterday was basically just Home Depot with my mom (party time!) and the Oscars by myself, but it was nice.

And so, another nice weekend is over, and another unproductive week begins.

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