"I didn't ask him his name! The lonely bo-oy! In the rain!"

There are no cool concerts this summer. We have this festival at Riverfront Park every May called River Stages. The first year it was here, the lineup consisted of the Foo Fighters, Ben Folds Five, and Bonnie Raitt (and a ton of other people). Another year (2001?), we had the Black Crowes, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, and the Wallflowers.

This year? Def Leppard, the B-52's, Steve Winwood (Roll with it, baby!) and John Mayer. What? I would maybe see Def Leppard and the B-52's. I will not pay $40 to hear John Mayer. Aimee Mann is playing, but they won't announce when until the week before the show. They'll probably stick her with an 11:30 a.m. slot or something. The bands have to be worthwhile to sacrifice a whole weekend for the festival, pay $40 plus service fees, buy all your overpriced food and drink there, and be crammed into Riverfront Park with thousands of sweaty--often shirtless--people, many of whom are, uh, John Mayer fans. So, no thank you.

Where is the summertime rock and roll? Guess who is coming to Nashville over the summer? ZZ Top, Heart (ha!), Bad Company, Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the perennial favorites, Dave Matthews Band (Oh, DMB! Ha! Every summer, you can always count on Skynyrd and Dave). What a bunch of crap. The Dixie Chicks are coming, too, but the show is sold out. David Gray is playing a small show. I might go to that. But, you can see, there's nothing really to get excited about. Heart? Seriously. "We walked in the garden! We planted a tree!"


Tonight I have a sculpt class with the cheesy lady who's always trying to trick us into doing Jazzercise. She must be stopped. Last Wednesday: "Hop from side to side! Like a pony, you guys!" Tonight is just sculpting and toning, though, so I think I'm safe. Afterwards: step class with Bonnie, who thinks we're in some Broadway show and tries to make us "mambo" and "cha-cha-cha" way too much. I need to work out on my own, but I would never do anything. Plus, the teachers are fun to laugh at.


This weekend is my friend Shan's birthday. Shan is one of my 5 dear friends from grad school. We call ourselves the Pink Ladies. Do not make fun, or we will kick your ass. The Pink Ladies kick so much ass. Shan is turning 35 and is a little freaked out about it, but she shouldn't be because she is the most ass-kicking 35 year-old ever. We're having Japanese food and some sort of cake to celebrate. Also, probably lots of alcohol. I'll try to take pictures.


My friend mayapple might be coming to Music City, USA, to visit me soon. We're hoping to go the Nashville Star finale and hold up obnoxious, sparkly signs that say things like, "I'm Pretty!" and "Naughty Girls Need Love, Too!" Uh, "Donna Martin Graduates"?


Well, back to "work," or looking for crap on eBay.

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