Saturday! I-in the park!

What a great weekend I had (that phrase sounds kind of Yoda-esque, but I'm leaving it). And how sad I am that it's Monday. It was 72 degrees here on Saturday. This morning, when I woke up, it was 24 degrees. Fahrenheit, yes. What?

Anyway, Friday night, Seth and I went to Rio Bravo with my friend Niki. It was okay. Then, she and Jennifer came to our house for a bit, but since we're all old losers, Seth and I wanted to go to sleep, and everyone went home by 11:00.

Saturday, we woke up at, like, 6:30 because the sun ("what is that? I think it's the sun!") was streaming through the windows. Then, our power went out because of some car that wrecked and knocked a pole down, cutting off power to half of our town.

We went driving around, looking at houses. Lots and lots of precious, beautiful old houses. Tudor cottages and Victorian mansions and everything in between. There was much sighing and longing going on in our car. We might try to jump head-first into some ridiculous mortgage sooner than we had planned, because interest rates are freaking crazy. Also, I'm obsessed with having my own house right now. And also a pug, a chihuahua, and a rescued greyhound, and perhaps a little brown bunny, but those things can wait. They don't have fluctuating interest rates.

So! After we left fantasyland and went back to our boring duplex in the unhip suburbs, we went for a bike ride in the park. How cute are we, seriously? Except, it's been a long time since we took the ol' bikes out, and we were a little winded.

Saturday night, it was Mexican food again, this time at Rosepepper in East Nashville. Mmm. While waiting for a table, we had drinks at Chapel Bistro, which was really pretty. Seth and I will try to have dinner there soon. It's crazy to me that that little stretch of East Nashville was where my aunt's beauty shop used to be, before it was hit by a tornado, is now a little hipster strip. In fact, there will soon be some luxury townhomes right over the foundation of her old shop. Anyway, after Rosepepper, we went to Park Cafe for another drink. I know, I know--we were quite the party train! Then we went back over to Rivergate and stopped by O'Charley's to say hey to Stephanie, who had just gotten off work there. I will leave out the part where we all got home by 11:30, because that takes away some of the whirlwind-partytime-vibe of it all.

Sunday, we lounged around for a bit, then drove to Franklin. We wandered around the mall (boring. Except that Express, which I don't usually like because of its hot-pants/hoochie vibe, has some beautiful spring dresses that I am now slightly obsessed with), we had dinner, and we rented The Good Girl, which I very much enjoyed.

All in all, a lovely weekend. And now I'm at work, and it's motherfreaking cold as hell outside. More later, as I'm sure something will piss me off before the day is over.


Ha, remember my Thin Mints rant? I guess I complained about that to too many folks. My friend Brandon brought me two boxes of Thin Mints over the weekend, and a coworker in another department procured some Trefoils (mmm, shortbread) and Tagalongs (mmm, peanut butter) for me. Um, I've already eaten an entire sleeve of Thin Mints since Saturday. Oops? ************************************

How about a little Tudor cottage?

Or this one:

Bungalows are nice, too!

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