Minty weekend goodness

Ahh, Friday.

Who went to two back-to-back fitnesses classes last night, you ask? (I'm not sure why anyone would be asking this, but ...) Me! That's who! I kick major ass. I went to "Core & More," and I stayed for that crapassed CardioFusion. I thought I was going to die. Lot's of step aerobics between the two of them, just so you know. Whee. Of course, all of this is totally negated by the fact that I had the best. Chocolate Croissant. EVER! a few minutes ago. Why does my library have to have a French bakery/pastry shoppe inside it? How can I resist?

So! Weekend! What am I doing? Today, my mom and I are going to lunch. I like working a few blocks from my mom. I ain't ashamed of it! Tonight, probably blissful nothing.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the in-laws' house to take their elliptical trainer! Yes! This machine has been gathering dust and laundry in their house. I want to give it a good, loving home. I will actually use it, at least until I get bored with it. Ha, I'm going to have a "home gym" now, if you can call an elliptical trainer, some weights, and some random 10-year-old videos a home gym. Also, Seth is convinced that we are going to ride our bikes tomorrow. Eh.

Sunday, I'm not sure. It all depends on how late we stay out Saturday night, I guess. Knowing us, that will probably be about 10:30 p.m. We are dorks, and we're okay with that.


So, Bush's speech last night? Was that some kind of a joke? I listened to half of it on NPR on the way home from the gym (how pretentious did that just sound?), and by the time I got home, I was angry enough to punch my fist through the windshield. Hell, even if I had agreed with anything he said, his pronunciation of nuclear alone would have made me livid. Seriously, our president can't say the word nuclear! New-kyu-lar? What? You're the fucking president, man. Can't you READ? AND, your arguments for war wouldn't have stood up in a freshman comp 101 class, and you've been elected president. Except, oh wait, you weren't really elected? God bless America indeed.


On to something that doesn't make me angry (well, not as angry): Girl Scout Cookies! Um, hi, I've been waiting all freaking winter for some damned THIN MINTS, and I have yet to see a single freaking Girl Scout anywhere. I even saw some bit on the news about how the economy and the weather were hurting the cookie sales this year. Bah, I say. What's wrong is that the Girl Scouts have gotten LAZY. No one has come to my house. I haven't seen any little scouts at the mall or the grocery store. These kids don't know how to WORK for their cookie money. And I NEED some Thin Mints. Really. There's just no substitute. Ah, and when you put them in the freezer? And have them with a little bit of coffee? Wow.

emiloo at 12:34 p.m.