Snow White's Nude Winnebago

Tuesdays are okay. I usually have one or two bullshit meetings on Tuesday, which is kind of boring but makes the day go by faster.

Yesterday, Seth and I dropped my little car off at the body shop. It needs a new driver's side door. Because I, um, pulled out in front of an 18-wheeler. But at a speed of 2-3 miles an hour. If you had seen the whole thing, you would understand that it was soooo not my fault.

Anyway, door! One with a window that ROLLS UP AND DOWN. Yay! After dropping off the car, we went to visit our precious little niece, Emma. Emma is, quite seriously, the Coolest Kid Ever. She is two, and she has just decided that she likes to talk a LOT, and she's funny and precious and COOL. She's also a genius. Seriously. We played with her big BARBIE RV! It was Kim's--Emma's mom and Seth's/my sister-in-law--and it's ORANGE and YELLOW. I am so in love with the Barbie RV. Kim managed to save all the little parts of it, like a tiny Coleman cooler and pitcher. These would have been eaten, buried, or shoved into the heater at my house. She also had the Barbie Corvette (again, I'm a little jealous) and a bunch of her old Sweet Pickles books. Sweet Pickles! What fun. For some reason, in Emma's mind, Barbie (or, in last night's case, the Snow White doll) must take off her clothes to drive the RV. "Dress off!" Okay.

I'm hemming and hawing right now as to whether I'm going to work out tonight. I really need to, but I also really need to go to the dry cleaners (life, as always, is just too exciting). The dry cleaners will probably win.

People keep telling me I look nice today. I'm flattered, but then there's that feeling where you wonder if you look like ass every other day. I guess I'll just be happy and say "thanks."



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