My Name is a Happi Name

Humpity-hump! It's hump day. Ha ha. Who really calls it that? Do you? Sorry, then.

I haven't been up to much; just working for the weekends and all that crap. Tonight, Alias won't be on because of the frigging State of the Union address (which, ordinarily I would watch, but I just can't bring myself to at this point. I'm just whiling away the time until 2008, thanks. LalalalalaIcanthearyou.). No Alias means a free Wednesday evening, which means playing trivia at the Lipstick Lounge with Brandon and Frank. Whee! Trivia always cheers me up.

Today is Groundhog Day, as well as my mother-in-law's birthday. Good times all around. My Martha Stewart calendar (don't make fun; it was free with a magazine subscription. Okay, you can make fun of the magazine subscription.) says it is almost time to order my summer bulbs. Okay then. Martha also says that in two weeks I should prune my fruit trees. HaHA. I can't even be bothered to water the two pots of dead pansies sitting on my porch. The thought of an orchard of dead fruit trees amuses me. My thumb, she is not green.

Please excuse my total lack of transition here.

Does anyone remember HappiNames, or was this a regional chain? It was a mall store that basically sold cheap, Chinese-made plastic things like pencil boxes and clip boards, and they charged you something crazy like TWENTY DOLLARS to put your name on your piece of plastic crap with a PAINT PEN. Whoo!

Is anyone else surprised to know they're still AROUND? Wha? Have their customers not realized you can buy a paint pen and write your kids' names in dot-letters all by yourself?
I told my friend Kevin that I was going to get him one of these nifty clipboards to celebrate his new job:

I am clearly very bored at work. Someone help me.

emiloo at 3:09 p.m.