Dogs, Coats, and Baguettes

How cute is my dog? He's so pimped out and laid back in that picture. He's insane. Seth is convinced that Mitch is some sort of tortured genius. A genius who loves to pee on stuff.

I think 90% of my Mitch pictures are on that couch. That's his favorite place (hey--it's also Seth's favorite place). They're kind of lazy.

Enough crazy dog ramblings. Let's talk about...coats!

Like Amblus, I am ready to enter the world of fall fashion. It is 90 degrees here, with 128% humidity, but I have bought myself two fancy winter coats, and I am attempting to make a tweed-y brown skirt.

I am ready for cold! I am ready for fall fashion! And I am thrilled at all the clothes I've seen. I love girly, skirty, high heeled clothes. I'm so relieved to be moving away from all the shitty looking barely-there holey t-shirts with things like "HOT ASS!" written on them, worn with a pair of ripped up sweatpants and flip flops. What the hell?

I am old and frumpy, and I work in a library. I do not have a HOT ASS, and I don't want my squishy stomach hanging out of my clothes. I want to live in the Anthropologie catalog, and wear a little herringbone tweed hat and velvet blazer, while I ride my antique bike to the bakery to buy a baguette. What?

(Ha, I just thought about the odd and gross google hits I will get from having HOT ASS in here, but whatever.)

I don't have much going on right now. I have to spend the next three nights helping my mom prepare for a dinner party she's throwing for my grandmother. My grandmother's friends are all insane. At the last party she had, one of her guests was some rich guy from Sri Lanka, who met my sister Laura and said, "I would like you for my son's bride." Okay then. I don't think he's in town for this week's party, but you can bet she'll have some crazy folks in tow.

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