Birthdays and Beachy Chihuahuas

Wow. I'm sure you've all assumed (all 4 of you that still read this lazy little diary) that my birthday extravaganza was so incredible that I've taken two weeks to recover from it, and that's why I haven't written.

Uh, you'd be wrong. I ended up not doing much of anything. Many of my friends were out of town, or just not to be found. Some of them made plans with each other, but not with me. Whatever, you know? I still had a kick-ass birthday, especially in terms of PRESENTZ. Hee. (I am rubbing my hands together, all greedy and Mr. Burns-like.)

Actually, I really wasn't thinking much about presents or any of that business, being all Grown Up and whatnot. But they came anyway! Whee! And who am I to stand in the way of presents? I got lots of clothes, which were a very unexpected surprise from Seth's sister and aunt in Atlanta. What's more fun than a big box of clothes on your doorstep? Not much. I also got books, gift cards, a cool framed architectural print of my library, a SEWING MACHINE* and other neat stuff.

*Please note: I do not actually know how to sew. I informed my mother that, by giving me this machine, she obligated herself to teaching me how to use it. So far, I've made a pillowcase. A really sad-looking pillowcase. Next up: placemats. My mother clearly doesn't set her expectations too high for me.


We've finally settled on a date for a freaking vacation. I'll be in Watercolor, Florida, around the first week of October. My sister's friend's ridiculously rich parents are letting us use one of their beach houses. One of. Whatever. I think it's one of those freaky, planned, Truman-Show type towns, but it's free, and the house is nicer than anything I'll ever live in. Plus, there's free kayaking and bike rentals. That's good to know, even though I'll probably just end up lying around the whole time.

Since we're staying at someone's house, and we're driving, we've decided to take Mitch. This cracks Seth and me up. "Mitch loves the beach in the fall, you know" "Mitch, if you pee on the floor again, you won't get to go kayaking." Yes, I'm sure Seth and I are really fun to be around when we're talking about what kind of life jacket or bicycle helmet Mitch would look best in. (And I wondered why no one wanted to do anything for my birthday...)

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