Not very exciting, but I'm not MAKING you read it, you know?

Last night my mom and I went to our upholstery class. My "good hand" is all scratched up now, from stripping our wing chair, but we had fun. I might also mention that our "classroom" (read: garage/loading dock--WITH A METAL ROOF--of the neighborhood high school) is not air conditioned. And that I live in Tennessee, and it is almost July. So hot.

We had fun, though. Upholstering, or really, ripping stuff up and pulling out staples, because that's as far as we've gotten, is sort of meditative and cathartic. Ahh.

One of our classmates, a lovely, middle-aged woman named Brenda, did ask me what grade I was in. That's always fun. I don't mind looking younger, but I would like it to be a cool kind of younger, like say, twenty-two. Forever twenty-two. Not fourteen. But whatever.

Tonight, we are driving to Franklin in Seth's parents' beat-up van. They keep this van for hauling crap around, and it has really come in handy many times. However. The van, much like our upholstery class, is not air conditioned. Y'all. I'm a southern gal, and we likes the air conditioning. It is what pulls us through the 400% humidity down here.

Anyway, why are we driving to Franklin? To get a riding mower with a broken axle. Why would we do that? Well, because it's free, and I made the mistake of mentioning it to my husband when I saw it on Craigslist, and because my husband cannot turn down free stuff. We already have a push mower. I don't even think a riding mower would fit in our little yard. We would just be constantly turning in circles with it. Oh well.

This weekend, aside from schlepping a broken lawnmower around town in a hot-ass van, I will be pool-sitting for Brandon. Brandon is going out of town to Memphis for a wedding, and Stephanie and I decided someone needed to keep an eye on his apartment, particularly the pool on its roof. And so we are. You're welcome, Brandon. You can thank us when you return. Sunday, I will return to the Bottomless Pit of Junk and Despair that is Mom's house. It's actually coming along quite nicely.

Next week is the Week Of Yard Sale Preparation, culminating in the huge-ass yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Lord help us all.

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