Halloween Picture Filler!

Nothing but filler! But, the picture-kind of filler. That's fun, right?

Ah, so. Halloween was quite fun. You can tell by all my zany pictures!

Here are my husband and me, dressed as Jeff Fisher and Tippi Hedren (or really, Melanie Daniels? From The Birds):

And here I am, looking more character-appropriate, while "Coach" is still firmly focused on the big game:

Our friend Brian wasn't going to wear a costume. I told him he couldn't go out with our fine, costumed asses unless he did something creative. I borrowed a big-assed stuffed tiger from my mom (sidebar, your honor: my mom bought this crazy-assed tiger for her cat to play with. Understandably, the tiger scares the living hell out of the poor cat. Mom has to keep the tiger in the attic or the cat goes apeshit whenever he sees it) (second sidebar: wow, I need to stop saying "ass" so much) and I declared that Brian would be Roy Horn:

Alas, Brian was a very low-commitment Roy, and we encountered someone who really knew how to Roy it up:

Similarly, I encountered another Tippi. I suggested we take our picture together, but she seemed more intent on checking my ovaries. Please note my discomfort:

Finally, my favorite costume of the night, especially for Amblus and mayapple, Hi:

Things I learned this Halloween:

-I look a little bit like a drag queen with my hair in a French twist.

-My boobs, sadly, seem to get bigger every year.

-So does my ass.

-People at museum parties know who Tippi Hedren is, but not Jeff Fisher. At pub crawls, the reverse is true.

emiloo at 2:30 p.m.