Why Couldn't It Have Been Justin? Or Jordan Knight?

So, my husband is in a band. And the band plays out around town once or twice a month.

There are goofy things that happen often when bands come together. If the husband's band is playing later in the evening, whoever the opening band is always wants to push back their starting time. "Would you guys be cool if we started at ten instead of nine? Our drummer's girlfriend's uncle's best friend works for Sony, and he wants to help us get signed, and he can't be here until ten o'clock." Whatever.

Last night, the first band made this request of Seth and his bandmates. But do you know why? Do you know on whom they were waiting? Lance Fucking BASS. From NSYNC. And the Russian space program. And he showed up.

There was much trying-not-to-look-at-Lance going on, all over the bar. Poor guy. Except he was kind of a bastard because he didn't stick around for Seth's band. He was all "Bye Bye Bye" right after the shitty first band was over. (Sorry, I had to. You understand, right?) So, sadly, Seth was not discovered last night by one of the lesser members of NSYNC.

Lance Bass did have rather radiant skin, I noticed. Like a porcelain doll. I'm just saying.

emiloo at 2:31 p.m.