The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Last night, I hung out with AlliNicole and her friend Kyle to watch the Designing Women reunion! Rock. How much to I love Designing Women? I know, I know, at times Julia's tirades were a little much, and when they started plugging in random women because the original people started leaving, it got a little goofy, but I will always tune in if I happen to catch reruns on, um, Lifetime. Same thing with the Golden Girls. So shoot me.

While watching the reunion show, we also played with Stephanie's puppy, but Stephanie wasn't there. She works too damn much. That is one cute dog, but I would have rather hung out with Stephanie. If I had to pick. And Stephanie doesn't chew on my sleeves or my hair. I appreciate that.


Here are my favorite googles of late:

"Names for Chihuahuas"

"Brandon Walsh hair"

"Big black beetle"

Often, the google searches people use when stumbling upon my diary would make really kick-ass band names.


Which Designing Woman are You? (I'm Julia Sugarbaker, thank you very much.)

emiloo at 8:52 a.m.